Thursday, February 14, 2008

Five Red Roses for Studs for Hire: Woman on Top!

Hey, everyone! I’ve just received another review on Studs for Hire: Woman on Top! I’m thrilled that Red Roses for Authors gave Woman on Top 5 Red Roses.

“Do not be mislead by the title! It is a clever pun. This is sassy, fun and sensual. I loved this romance by an author new to me.” Five Red Roses, Linda.

To read the complete review, go to

Whew. I tell ya, writing a book is hard work. You pour out your heart and soul into every page, every paragraph, and even every word. It’s nice for us authors to be acknowledged by our peers and review sites to give our fragile egos a boost!

I’m curious. Do you use reviews to help you to decide to give a book a try or not? If so, do you only read 4 & 5 Star books, or do the 1 Star books pique your curiosity because you're dying to know what’s so wrong with it to warrant such a low rating? Have you ever read a book and totally disagreed with the rating it's been given?

Happy Hearts Day!

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