Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May the Luck of the Irish be with you today! I'm not Irish, but I do love this holiday. Not only is it an excuse to just have some fun ;-), yes, it's true, I've been known to drink a green beer or two, but the day is also a sure sign that Spring is just around the corner. And after the long winter we've had, I'm really ready for Spring. I also happen to love Shamrocks. I think they are so cute, and so green!

Again, I have to apologize for being absent from my blog. Shame on me. But, I have been busy working on a the sequel to Cowboy Fling. Yep, that's right. Country Fling is close to being done and I hope to have some news to share regarding that book soon. I've also been very busy doing a lot of web site work, and have joined forces with five other authors to bring you a new site with all kinds of exciting things. I'll tell you more about Authors By Moonlight very soon.

In the meantime, here is a little Irish verse for you to enjoy today!

May good luck be with you
Wherever you go,
And your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow.

So, how about you? Do you like having a little fun on St. Patrick's Day? If so, what do you like to do? Drink that green beer I mentioned? Eat corned beef? Kiss the Blarney Stone?

Have a Happy & Safe one!