Tuesday, February 26, 2008

5 Hearts for Studs for Hire: Woman in Charge

Golly. The reviews for my Studs for Hire books have been slow in coming but they certainly have been worth the wait. I’ve just received a review on Woman in Charge from the Romance Studio and I’m thrilled.

“Ms. Sherry James has written a marvelously entertaining, fast-paced book which was almost impossible to put down. I love her writing style—she introduces alpha males, but does not minimize the abilities and strengths of the women she pairs the men with. Her characters are dynamic and confident in their abilities to perform. The characters are believable and compliment the sub characters in her stories. . . . I loved this book and anxiously await the release of the third book. I highly recommend it to all.”---Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

To read the complete review, visit http://theromancestudio.com:80/reviews/reviews/studsforhirejames.htm

I’m so happy Brenda commented that she felt Woman in Charge is a fast-paced book. I love to read fast-paced books and I love to write them, too. It’s nice to know that in her opinion I succeeded. Since writing a book can take weeks, or even months, it doesn’t always seem like the book is meeting that fast-paced goal. In fact, it can often seem like it’s slugging along at a snail’s pace. But, to me that is one positive sign that I am writing a good book. The harder to write, usually the better the book turns out to be.

Do you have any fast-paced favorites? Some of mine are Lois Grieman’s UN Mystery series: Unzipped, Unplugged, Unscrewed, and Unmanned. Julie Miller also does a good job of delivering a fast-paced read in all of her books. Janet Evanovich also delivers an awesome fast-paced read in her Stephanie Plum books.

So what are yours? Do mine make your list? Come on, share! I’m always on the look out for good books.


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