Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Three Contests This Month!


Eight Seconds will be released later this month in the Ellora's Cave Cavemen Flavors of Ecstasy Anthology Vol. III! Yee-Haw! To celebrate I'm hosting 3 contests. The first one is running now through September 10th. Visit my web site,, and read an excerpt, answer a question, and enter. It's that simple. I'll draw a winner from all correct answers.

Also, this month I'll be blogging about COWBOYS! So if you love cowboys as much as I do, join in the discussion. We'll chat about contemporary cowboys, historical cowboys, rodeo cowboys, cowboys in romance novels, why cowboys are so hot, and whatever else I can think of that is cowboy. Do you love cowboys? If so, leave a comment here and tell me what cowboy related topic you'd like to jaw over in the coming days. I'd love to hear from you!


Valerie Oakleaf said...

I have a GREAT book on "Doc" Middleton who was a "villian" cowboy in the panhandle in the late 1880's. Villianous (is that even a word?) cowboys would be an interesting topic!
Have fun with it. I will be watching too.

Becca Dale said...

What's not to love about a cowboy? It's a low budget film but I loved Eight Second Ride. Best things about cowboys -- manly and independent yet willing to please with a yes Ma'am and thank you Ma'am, usually family driven, and that hat just does something for a man.

ddurance said...

You know, I'm not a big western girl, but there's just something about a cowboy, especially with his shirt off. lol


Julie Miller said...

When it comes to cowboys, my all-time favorite topic/storyline/movie/TV show is The Magnificent Seven. Now, I know it's based on a Japanese classic movie, but the movie version with Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen, and the TV incarnation with Michael Biehn, Dale Midkiff and Ron Perlman are what come to mind for me.

There are so many things to love about it. The music. The idea of a team coming together, each with their own unique skills and background and ambitions--but still having that bond. Yet seven different individual male archetypes. A guy for every woman to love!

To this day, any story (or even better, group of connected stories) that feature a "team" of men coming together to fight a common enemy, and maybe save a girl or two along the way, is probably my favorite storyline.

Julie Miller

Sherry James said...

Thanks for suggestions, readers! I love it. Cowboys with their shirts off, cowboys from the dark side of the law vs. the cowboys of honor. Cowboys who are manly and independent but respectful of women. I was/am a huge Magnificent Seven fan as well. Have the whole (sadly short) series on DVD. I love to go back and watch it for inspiration. There was sooo much to love about that show. Like Julie said, a guy for every woman to love.

Darn straight!

Cheryl said...

Hey Sherry,

I used to announce these contests you're running and also to direct people to your cowboys post.

Hope it ropes some of them in.


Lyla Sinclair said...

Hi Sherry!

Just wanted to stop by and say hello, since we're in the Ellora's Cavemen: Flavors of Ecstasy vol.3 anthology together. Can you believe it's only days away? I think between your story "8 Seconds" and mine "The Johnson Obsession," we'll be bringing on the alpha male heat--big time!

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