Friday, September 4, 2009

Cowboys are Hot!

It’s no secret. I love cowboys. All cowboys—historic, working cowboys, and rodeo cowboys. Cowboys are hot! For me, they are one of the ultimate heroes because they are one of the earliest heroes our country has ever seen. There is a huge romance factor that surrounds the American Cowboy and it has encompassed this breed of man for generations. And, I think, it always will. I have to admit, there is just something about a man in a nice fittin’ pair of Wranglers, a pair of boots and a cowboy hat that conjures up a whole other form of romance in my mind! But aside from the eye candy they provide, I love the history surrounding the cowboy, and the fact most historic cowboys tried to follow the code of the West, with a few liberties now and then which they believed to be justified, of course.

Yes, a lot of cowboys prefer solitude, but that’s one of the things I find intriguing about them. They can be a bit of a mystery and I can’t help wondering what makes them tick. What scars are they carrying? And I’m not talking just physical here. That is one reason I love to write cowboys. They can have a lot of angst and conflict floating around in their backgrounds and that makes for great story fodder.

Most cowboys I’ve known, although tough and hard workers, have a gentle side. They can break an ornery colt to ride, but show him compassion and caring, too. They are respectful of children and women, and when they give their hearts they don’t give lightly, but give for the duration. The cowboy is usually pretty darn patriotic, and he is a man with a ton of pride. Yes, sometimes that pride gets in the way of doing what he really wants, or giving his heart, but that’s another reason I love to write cowboys. Again, they are loaded with conflict. And if you’re an avid romance reader like me, you know conflict, aside from characters we can relate to and root for, is at the heart of any good novel.

If you like/love cowboys, I want to hear why. What is it about cowboys that make you sigh, drool, and dream? And don’t forget to enter my contest in progress. Go to to enter.

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Laurann Dohner said...

I love cowboys too. I was raised around them and I have to say... most honest men I ever met, good hearted, hard workers! Now I live in a big city. I got lucky to find a great 'city boy' but some of them... as far from a cowboy as you can get. LOL.

Cheryl said...

The only real experience I've had with cowboys is the brief visit I made to a dude ranch outside of Lake George NY. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a geeky looking cowboy, so maybe why they're so popular. LOL!

Country living and working hard must make them that way. It's not a lifestyle I want for me, but I like what it generates. I also like how they tend to treat women with this almost dietylike respect.

Keep up the great work Sherry. I hope I'll get a chance to review this new anthology that's coming out.


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