Sunday, August 31, 2008


Okay. I admit it! I've been a very bad blogger for the last few months. I apologize for not updating since June. Bad me! But, in my defense, I have to say I've had a lot going on in my personal life this past year. After my dad passed away last November, I was so in hopes that life would settle down and every one in my family would be happy and healthy. Unfortunately that wasn't meant to be. Two of my oldest brothers both ended up in the hospital at different times, (one with a broken bone, the other with Rocky Mountain Spotted fever) we had major water issues in our basement this past spring, my third brother is still struggling through a divorce, and and if all of that isn't enough, my mom was diagnosed with cancer at the end of July. That, let me tell you, was a major blow to all of us. She's hardly been sick a day in her life. At the moment she is doing realtively well and I say my prayers for her every day. After a couple of stays in the hospital we had to move her from the farm to a nursing home so she could get the proper care she needs. I now oversee all her financial needs, and we are in the process of getting the farm cleaned up and ready to be sold next spring. Major life changes for all of us. And not one I ever, ever looked forward to. That was always some day in the distant future. But unfortunately someday is here. The years fly by so fast. Heck, seems like I was in second grade just yesterday. Where did the time go?

Around all of life's chaos I am managing to still write, although at a slower pace than I like. I hope to have news of a new book soon. I'll keep you posted the best I can. But if I'm absent from this blog again for a while, please understand.

On a positive note, it's time to start thinking about fall and all the great books coming out we'll be able to snuggle up with soon. Now, that is something to look forward to!

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