Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Elvis Sightings!

Hey, Readers!

When I posted that I was looking for Elvis sightings, I guess I posted too fast and didn't clarify. Sorry about that. I'm looking for any and all Elvis sightings. Your Elvis sighting can be of the "King" himself, an Elvis tribute artist, a statue or picture of Elvis, or mention of him in a song. Like my picture I've posted here. This is a shot of an Elvis statue gracing the top of a the salad bar at a Ruby Tuesday's resturant. Basically, I'm open to anything/anywhere you've seen/heard the real Elvis or a look alike or his image. Funny. Quirky. Unusual. Specatuclar. Endearing. I'm open. Think hard. Elvis' image is everywhere. We all have to have had some kind of Elvis sighting. Agree?

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Anonymous said...

Okay, now I get it. Yes, I've seen Elvis...and in Vegas, even! When my sisters and I took our annual trip to Vegas in August, we saw Elvis several times.

What I really want to see is Elvis in his younger, movie-star-handsome days...not the glittery guy from the 70s. Sigh...


Sherry James said...

Margaret-- I have to admit I like Elvis during his white jumpsuit days, but then I was a kid during that time, so I guess he made an impression on me. But I have to say one of my all time favorite times in his career is during his '68 Comeback Special era. Wow. He looked so hot in black leather. And he was putting out some great music at the time. I think my all time favorite Elvis song is Suspicious Minds.

Thanks for sharing!