Monday, February 22, 2010

February Cowboy of the Month--Skeeter Kingsolver

If you frequent my blog much, you’ll probably recognize this young cowboy’s name and face from an earlier entry. I had the opportunity to meet Skeeter in early December when he rode at a PBR event near where I live. Although he’s young and is making a huge splash in the bull riding world, Skeeter has all the great manners of a Kansas cowboy. I had the chance to visit with Skeeter and I have to admit I asked him a ton of questions about bull riding and traveling down the road. He was gracious, and eager to share his knowledge and experiences.

Skeeter, also known as The Royal Solution in the bull riding world, made a huge and lasting impression on the sport after getting on his first-ever bull on the Built Ford Tough Series a couple of years ago. Not only did Skeeter receive a 90-point ride, but took the round win as well. Pretty impressive. And, whenever Skeeter makes the eight second buzzer he consistently scores in the mid to upper 80’s.

How did this McClouth, Kansas native get so good? Well, he’s had the desire to ride since a very young age. He started out riding sheep, moved up to steers, attended a bull riding school, has ridden broncs, and has received some sage advice and help from two big names in the sport, Chris Shivers and Gary Leffew. His older brother, Blake, has been a big help and influence, too. And at this stage of the game, in spite of a few injuries, Skeeter doesn’t let fear get in his way. He rides each bull with gusto and isn’t afraid to use his spurs.

Last year Skeeter learned a little bit about the world of television. He was one of several cowboys CMT highlighted in their December television show, The Posse. I asked Skeeter what it was like to do the show. In his down home, good ol’ boy attitude he said it was all right and kind of fun. But, he did admit that after a while being followed constantly by the cameras got a little old.

Skeeter reminds me a lot of my hero, Devlin McCord, from my novella Eight Seconds, Ellora’s Cave Flavors of Ecstasy Anthology Vol. 3. True, Devlin is older than Skeeter, but the two share a love and devotion to the sport of Pro Bull riding. They are both good guys under those big ol' cowboy hats! So, here’s to Skeeter—a young gun who knows what he wants and who isn’t afraid to go for it and live his dream.

How about you? Are you living your dream? Are you going after what you really want in life? Every time I sit down to write I'm living my dream of being a professional romance writer. And, I promised myself that this year is the year to get in the saddle and run those barrels again. Life is short. Live your dreams!


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