Monday, May 11, 2009

Recovered from RT?

Well, I've been home from the RT BOOKreviewers convention for two weeks now, although it seems like months--gee, what's that say about my life?! But I guess I can say I'm pretty much recovered from the trip to Orlando. RT is always a good time with all the happenings going on like meeting readers and booksellers, wild parties, swimming at midnight, and of course, all the hunky cover models running around providing for some great eye candy! And just in case you're wondering, no, I didn't go swimming with any of those hunky models at midnight. Darn.

For me, one of the highlights of this year's convention was just being in the company of my fellow EC authors and enjoying all the great stuff EC did for us. It really was a thrill to walk across stage with a hunky guy and be recognized at the Ellora's Cave Jungle Fantasy party. And I didn't even make a fool of myself by tripping and smacking my face on the floor! Give me a pat on the back!

But it was also fun to see my name in bold letters lining the entrance way into the ballroom. I couldn't resist a picture by my paw for the fun of it. Hey, it's as close as I'll ever get to a Hollywood Walk of Fame! My good friend, Julie Miller, said the picture reminded her of one of the pin-up girls from the 40's, you know, like Betty Grable. Wow! What a nice compliment.

I was more involved in this RT convention then ever before. Besides the EC party, I also presented a workshop, signed at the E-book signing, was a sponsor for the SOS Military Mixer, and made an appearence at Club RT. I gave away T-shirts, a gift basket, and quite a few little goodie bags. It was a great convention, a great trip, and I'm so glad I went. I was in need of a little R & R from the demands of two kids, seven horses, and three dogs. And my hubby was a real sweetheart for picking up the slack in my absence.

One of my favorite workshops this year was the cover model shoot. Wow. You talk about hot! But I'll save that for a post later this week. I'll even post a picture so you have an idea what I'm talking about.

Have you ever been to an RT Convention? If so, what was your favorite thing about it? If not, would you like to go, and why? Free books? Meet your favorite authors? Dance until midnight each night?


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