Friday, December 5, 2008

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Underway!

I'm in Heaven! The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo kicked off yesterday in Las Vegas, and since I love Cowboys, I'm excited. And hats off to Nebraska Cowboy, Steven Dent! Steven finshed second in the first go-round of the Bareback riding last night. And to further toot Steven's horn, he's currently leading the World in Bareback, and is second in the All-Around! Yee-Haw, Steven!

Also, a big good luck to Kristin Schott, Miss Rodeo Nebraska, during this week's Miss Rodeo America competition. MRA 2009 will be crowned on Saturday, Dec. 6th. I'm pullin' for ya, Kristin!

I just wish I could have made the trip to Vegas to enjoy all the excitment of the 50th Anniversary of the National Finals. Oh, well. Maybe next year. Right now I have books to finish! BTW, my lifelong love of rodeo, the western way of life, and hours spent in the saddle are what helps me write those steamy cowboy books for you all. Keep a sharp eye out for Eight Seconds coming soon from Ellora's Cave. If you love bull riders, you'll love Devlin McCord in Eight Seconds.

And don't worry, if you enjoyed Cowboy Fling, the sequel, Country Fling, is close to being done. I hope to have it into my editor very soon.

So, if you're a lover of cowboy/western romances, contemporary or historical, what is it about this sub-genre that you love so? Yes, there is just something majorly sexy about a man in a cowboy hat, a nice fittin' pair of jeans and chaps, but that's just the surface. What else attracts you to the cowboy? Is he a man of mystery for you? Is he forbidden? Untamable? Is it his code of honor? Let me hear from you!


Janelle said...

I hear ya on missing the finals. My good friend and fellow blogger Angie got to go and I'm jealous. I've never been but we've talked seriously for a long time. We watch the highlights on TV.
Sherry I didn't now you had a blog. Nice to see you here.

Sherry James said...

Janelle! I didn't know you had a blog, either. Thanks for stopping by. Saturday I was in the mall doing some Christmas shopping and walked by a cowboy wearing a 50th Anniversary WNFR jacket. Talk about jealous. That was me. Darn. I'm just going to have to make it a point to plan ahead for a trip. I haven't been for years, but my mom and I had a great time when we were there the year I had my rodeo queen title. Those memories are even more special now that she is gone.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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